Friday, April 28, 2006

On Monday I had a tough time getting in the "work" mindframe. You know those Monday mornings where you wake up and your first thought is "GOD I HATE MONDAYS!". You know what I mean. So the only way I could get myself to go to work is to promise myself I would take a vacation day on Friday, thus giving myself a 4 day work week and thus effectively making Monday more like Tuesday.

You with me?

So, I am not at work today and plan on doing a whole lot of nothing, and since it is so nice out I hope to be doing some of that nothing outside.

So for you, I have new pictures in Flickr, including a set from last night's Sushi at Fuji/Karaoke at the Cottage excursion.



e$ said...

god, i hate you. I am in NO shape to be at work right now - it's the first day I actually thought about calling in sick. Do some relaxing for me!!

The Silver Fox said...

Hey, I was at Fuji's last night!

Sarah said...

did you see us? we were at the bar until 8:30!

kate.d. said...

hooray! i am playing hooky today too! except i am "sick." but screw it, the first four days of this week kicked my ass, so i am taking the last one for myself. i am also going to go get a pedicure this afternoon, just because i can.

The Silver Fox said...

I didn't get there until 9:30.

But I think I saw you there once - but I wasn't 100% sure and since I've never met you - well if it wasn't you I didn't want to look like an eejit.

Anyhoo, I love Fuji. Did you know they're opening another place this summer?