Tuesday, April 18, 2006

I don't know if you know this:

But my friend Nicky is an ARTISTE

She is a children's book illustrator extraordinaire and New Hampshire's best kept artistic secret.

See her portfolio here. Even though I always knew she went to RISD, I am still so impressed with her work. I believe one day soon she shall be wildly famous and I can say "I once marched on Washington with that artist!".

I like having talented friends. I sometimes think (and forgive me if this sounds impersonal) of my group of friends as a "collection" to which i like to add diversely talented and interesting people.

Nicky is definitely a welcome addition to my collection

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Nicky said...

Artists also like having other artists and/or musicians as friends (I get the best hand-made presents! My BFF wrote me a song...or three!) Here's a little secret: we like having "useful" friends too! Like: my friend Mike who rewired my wonkey apartment phone, my friend Joe who fixed our cable, my bro-in-law who can *voila!* create a website for me. I'm currently in the market for someone who'd like to be my friend (and have a look at my car!) (o;