Wednesday, February 15, 2006

What is the appropriate response to the statement "I am taking the paper cutter away from you even thoughyou use it all the time because I hate coming up here once a week to ask for it"

Any chance it's "You're a dumb bitch and we're fighting."?

Anyway, I got my hair cut last night. Cut A LOT. I wish I had a picture, but Adam stole the cable that hooks the digital camera up to the computer. Well, he says he didn't steal it but what is more likely, that I lost it or that he stole it? Hmm?

Anyway, my new 'do is very Karen Walker this season: a layered, clavicle length bob that I am currently wearing side parted and straigtened with some big fun curls.

I freaking love getting my hair cut. It is so liberating. Long hair is fine for some, but for me it really gets to be positively stifling. No one needs to spend 1 hour and 10 minutes blowdrying their hair in the morning (unless they have a personal stylist which I do not, unfortunately). And like I told my hairdresser last night. I feel like I have my life back!!

I'm getting a whole new color this Saturday thanks to my fabulous friend Marcella. We're going dark chocolate brown with lighter brown and caramel highlights and the best part? (Well, besides that it's free) It's demi permanent which means it only lasts 6-8 weeks. And with my predilection for changing my hair style/color so often this is a very good thing.

Pictures forthcoming, I promise.

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