Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Further proof that I have extraordinarily good luck*:

I was coming into my office, and the local pizza delivery car was parked out front idling along he side walk. As I approached the car, the delivery man exited my building and got into his car. Since he clearly saw me, I thought nothing of walking past the car and in front of it to get to the front door.

He evidently had other plans. Maybe he was in a bad mood. Maybe he was mad at me for wearing white and pink sneakers with black pants (hey, I am mad at me for that too!). But for whatever reason, he honked and plowed ahead when i was basically right in front of him.

HowEVER, right on front of where he was parked, the side walk juts into the parking lot about 5 feet.

He proceeded to crash into the curb and scrap the underside of his car and pop his front tire.

And I proceeded to laugh, and yell "What an asshole!" to my coworker who was exiting the building.

And maybe I won't be ordering pizza from that particular company any time soon, but that's what happens. You try to hit me with your car? I will sick that curb on you with a vengeance.

And vengeance is sweet.

*Unlike many people, I don't consider good luck to mean when something good happens to me, but rather when something bad happens to someone I don't like.


Nicky said...

In this case, I'd say that "luck" (as you've defined it) is not only one person's misfortune, but your fortune as well. If Pizza Asshole didn't destroy his car on the curb, you may very well have been run over. I'd say it's your luck and his misfortune that the sidewalk is there.

Sarah said...

i happen to prefer when my luck involves another's misfortune :-)

also: me + you + shopping = SOON. and adam and i would like to hang out with you and peej on saturday night if y'all are around. i am going to kick this over to myspace

grace said...

i just spit diet pepsi at my screen. THAT IS FUNNY