Thursday, February 23, 2006

There are certain members of society that I consider to be the lowest of the low. The boil on the proverbial ass of humankind. Low down, dirty scoundrals.

You have probably seen these people. On the street, in broad daylight!

You may even BE one of these people (although if you are, I would not say so to me)

Of whom am I speaking?

People (if you can call them that) who press the Walk button on stop lights and then walk across ths street before the Walk sign even appears.

I mean, it is the ultimate act of selfishness. You press the button because you want to cross the street, then you cross the street ANYWAY so that when the walk sign does appear, you are long gone and everyone who was passing thru is now stopped at a No Reason Stoplight.


It's like when someone asks if they can come in as they are opening the door. You ask first..THEN you come in. You press the button, and then you WAIT to cross.

If you must cross the street, please either dart across the street when you have a chance, or if this is an impossibility then PLEASE press the Walk button and WAIT! You wait for the cars to stop and THEN you cross.

Consider this a final warning. Water gun season will be upon us soon and I have no qualms about trolling the streets looking for offenders.

Consider me the Charles Bronson of pedestrian rudeness. Only, you know, with water instead of bullets.

Or just angry words and fist waving.


Nicky said...

I hate jaywalkers. I work in our busy Capital city, across the street from the Statehouse. We HAVE to stop for pedestrians. They walk in the CROSSWALKS. You know, those designated places where drivers can expect pedestrians leaping across the road like Froggert? As a result, I'm very careful to look around & slow down at crosswalks. Well, in Manchester the other night, I had to come to a screeching halt for this a-hole who decided to sprint (not even walk so I would've had time to see him) across the street without looking around for oncoming traffic. There was a crosswalk at the very next corner, yet this guy tosses ME a dirty look??? I like your water gun threat...I would've filled mine with skunk juice & drenched this guy down.

kate.d. said...

holy crap, how funny - my friend posted this a few days ago.

see my comment on her blog as to why i agree, and why i think my boyfriend might have some kind of god complex, as demonstrated by his past crosswalk behavior.

Anonymous said...

i think crosswalks should just not exist and drivers/walkers should live happily together. too bad most drivers (at least in the city) NEVER stop/slow down for me to cross. it's really great when it's 20 below with the windchill. danielle

Sarah said...

im not really talking about jaywalkers..i am talking about people who make the light turn red even when they have no intention of waiting for it to do so! whats the point! D them!

kate.d. said...

so, i feel dumb, because the way your comments show on the page, you can't tell that the "this" in my above comment is a link.

it's there, really. i am not a total ignoramus :)

Sarah said...

kate dont worry! every comment i get on this site gets emailed to me and in the email it IS a link


Nicky said...

Well, maybe they push the button so they don't FEEL like stupid jaywalkers...even thought they ARE. Like, "why did that person almost run me over? sheesh, I pushed the button!" Guilty trigger finger? Or total impatience. We do have an ADD culture...
By the way, I noticed & accessed that link in the comments area. Blame it on my addiction to websites with hidden "easter egg" links when you click on areas of the page...Lol.