Wednesday, February 22, 2006

A good way to start off the morning:

1) Put on the radio (on Oldies 103, specifically) when you first come into the office and settle down with your coffee to check email

2) When the Fifth Dimensions' "Wedding Bell Blues"* comes on, get mildly out of control and dance in your seat, singing into your coffee stirrer

3) Get caught by coworker who asks "Are you serious?"

4) Become embarrassed.....but still keep lip syncing into the coffee stirrer "Will you marry me Biiiiill! I got the wedding bell bluuuuees!!"

*i have to be honest. this song makes me psyched because it reminds me of the Designing Women episode where Charlene gets married. If the Supremes version of "Ain't No Mountain" had come on next, i would have been up on the desk and it would have ALL been over!

**omg now I totally want to make a Designing Women Tribute mix CD. I wonder how likely it is that I can find Barbara Mandrell's "Sleeping Single in a Double Bed" on iTunes?


Lindsay said...

Man, those are some sweet outfits on those ladies. When are shoulder pads coming back in style?

Sarah said...

soon i hope! :-P

Nicky said...

You are too hilarious!
Designing Women rocks! My mom loves Julia because she tells people where to stick it. (Personally, I think it would do my mom's mental health some good to follow Julia's example.) Anthony was cool, but I always thought he was gay. This might have been leftover memories from Mannequin, though. Anyway, those are some sassy outfits.

Sarah said...

i LOVE julia sugarbaker. her diatribes are what make her my tv icon. well, her and claire huxtable are tied.

ugagirl16 said...

Designing Women...HELL YES.....