Thursday, February 23, 2006

I am the kind of girl who is down to try anything once.

I mean, life is short. If there is something you have never done before and it interests you.. do it!

In my youth, this predilection for the unknown was relegated to drugs and alcohol but as I get older, different things seem new and exciting to me.

In this case, I speak of The Sponge.

And no, not the sponge you do dishes with but the other kind.

I'll admit it. I am a Seinfeld girl..and the big to-do Elaine made about The Sponge going off the market did not fall on deaf ears ( at least in my case). So when it got re-released recently I secretly vowed to see what it was all about. So what if I am already on birth control.

And last night my secret vow was kept.

First of all, let me say this. It is a bad day when a gal opens the directions to her contraceptive device it opens on Step NINE.


I thought it was simple as "Insert sponge. Proceed to bone"

Apparantly this is not the case.

So I read all eleven steps of the instructions and here is what i learned:

"Some men may feel the sponge during intercourse, but this is usualy not objectionable."

"Stop use and consult a doctor if you become pregnant" (gee thanks)

And further more, there is a whole section of directions entitled "How can I find my vagina?"

Um, if the location of your vagina is a source of confusion..then having sex is probably not the best idea.

All in all my experience with the sponge as as such: if you have ever used a tampon you can skip instructions 1-9 and if you have not?

Stick with condoms.


Nicky said...

I just wanted to post because I noticed that not a single person had a thing to say about the sponge! LOL!!!
I'm never too keen on depositing little gifts inside myself. I am not a purse. Was there a string at least???

adena said...

"How can I find my vagina?"