Monday, February 20, 2006

Tea makes me hate my job.

Well, maybe not tea in and of itself, but rather the act of having tea on a weekday afternoon with friends.

This afternoon, since I had the day off, my friend Jeannie and I headed to Milton to visit our friend Andy who has been laid up with a broken back for the past month or so. Even with a broken back, he is the comsumate host and always manages to have a plate of delicious cakes and a pot of hot tea waiting when guests arrive. So we spent a lovely afternoon sipping tea and nibbling cakes and discussing art, life, travel etc.

And as I was driving home I never wished harder that I only worked part time. I also wished all of my friends worked part time too so we could convene on a weekday afternoon and have tea time and be lovely not just on odd Mondays off. How nice would it be to work like 9-2 and be done, and then spend your afternoons shopping or going for a nice walk or having Ladies Tea at Andy's house.

Of course this would neccesitate finding a job that allows me to work 1/2 the hours I work now but make the exact same pay. And I would prefer this job to be the kind that happens in an office with a desk and not on a stage with a pole.

And I don't know how likely it is that I could convince my friends to also quit their jobs so that I can have a plethora of afternoon tea partners.
But this is what tea does to me!

I swear this is a true sign of aging. It used to be that the more alcohol I drank, the more promiscuous I became. Now, the more tea I drink the more domestic I become.

So until I win the lottery, I will have to take my weekday afternoon teas where I can get them.

Thank god I have next Monday and Tuesday off.


clipper829 said...

Or until, you know, you have a baby.

KIDDING, KIDDING. You know I love the tea, too :)

Sarah said...

erin, don't think that hasn't occured to me. a well timed pregnancy may afford me as many afternoon teas as i want!

kidding! :-)

Nicky said...

My cousin took me out for tea and nibbly things at THE most adorable tea house on Cape Cod. It was like all those imaginary tea parties I had as a kid came to life. It sorta makes one want to be an independantly elderly woman with loads of old bittys for friends! You could just dish crap about "young people" all day. And about how Gertrude just can't seem to knit a straight line if her life depended on it.

Sarah said...

haha i am a bitty waiting to happen, believe you me!

kim said...

the baby-thing came to mind first thing here as well :) just make all the friends you wanna have tea with on a regular basis get knocked up as well :D

kate.d. said...

oh, i wish i had even had the day off! alas, i have no paid holidays on the horizon until memorial day. that's practically summer, and given that right now it's freezing and grey and february-ish, that does not hearten me.

my boyfriend has a plan that he will one day come up with some brilliant idea that no one has ever had before, strike it rich, and then we can just hang out all day. i'm waiting with bated breath for that to pan out :)

M said...

Um, I love going to tea houses. It's something I've just gotten into. When I visited my sis in NY we went to the cutest place. Then when I visited Missi in San Diego I made her go to a tea house and we had loads of fun. It's just a fun girly activity! Drinking and giggling minus the alcohol.

Sarah said...

you hit the nail on the head, megs!