Friday, February 17, 2006

Check out a new haiku

inspired by my love for Project Runway.

Does anyone else watch that show and believe their calling in life is to become a fashion designer? And then you come up with a brilliant plan for a new outfit and even think about hitting the fabric store but then you realize you have no sewing machine, no idea what kind of fabric would work, and in reality no actual designer cababilities at all but rather the desire to be able to say to someone "I want a party dress made out of lovely purple flowers - GO!"

Auf Wiedersehen = so cute when Heidi says it.


Amy said...

I love that show...Santino takes it a little too far. I know I can't do what they do, but do they are entertaining to watch!

Sarah said...

dont you feel like santino is there ONLY because he is so ridiculous. its not like his designs are that good. his Tim impressions are dead on though.

Mr. & Mrs. Cappella said...

ahaha, I finally saw the flower dress/Tim impression episode last night. It made me dislike Santino a little less.
I love that show but to me, Heidi = annoying.

Anonymous said...

Best blog abot PR:

Check it out!-andy