Tuesday, February 21, 2006

And now for this years edition of Sarah's Inexplicable Celebrity Crush.

I have thought long and hard about it.

Last year's title went to Colin Firth, even though I think he is a confirmed hottie amongst my circle of many others (especially those who had seen neither A&E's Pride and Prejudice nor Love, Actually (i.e. men)) it was a poor choice for a celebrity crush.

And of course let's not forget 2004's winner: Nicolas Cage.

But for 2006 we needed someone different...someone with a little more range as an actor..someone even more inexplicable than those before.

And here we have him:

Alfred Molina.

He has always been a contender for Inexplicable Celebrity Crush, he has all of Vincent D'onofrio's hulkiness (also a contender) but none of the akward bumbling and double the mania.

Seeing "Frida" this weekend really cinched it for him.

I know what you're probably thinking. This is your crush? Doc Oc? The asshole husband in Not Without My Daughter? The horrible mayor in Chocolat? But yes, it is true.

I may not be able to watch him make out (especially with Salma Hayek!) but I officially have a crush on him. I think he is so hot, and I can't explain why.

Hence the "Inexplicable" part.


Nicky said...

Inexplicable, indeed! And I thought my celebrity crushes were non-traditional! I guess not. I can't separate him from the Frida role. Diego Rivera was neither handsome nor very nice in real life, so I look at Alfred Molina & am like, "Ugh". Maybe part of the Molinallure for you is that he's got the Brit thing working for him? I always say that a good accent ups someone's hotness AT LEAST 10%.

Sarah said...

i know! he was horrible and yet i love him. does this make me a masochist?

where can we go and look at real kahlo paintings?

Nicky said...

Masochist? Possibly. Or maybe you just like yer mens big! I know Kate used to. Zack found that out and was like, "You only hooked up with me because I was 300 pounds when we met!" Lol...

I know the MOMA has a Kahlo. That's where I saw one anyway. It was the chopped off hair portrait:

Messed up. I don't know if there's a major collection anywhere, or if there's show going on right now. Usually each major museum has a piece or two, depending on the size of the museum.

Sarah said...

i will have to do some research on this.

also: i cannot picture Zack weighing 300 lbs. that's like 2 of him now!

Nicky said...

Yep. He lost 100 and something pounds. He basically lost a Backstreet Boy.

kim said...

you see me speechless.

PS: does not happen very often.