Sunday, February 12, 2006

Sunday, I awoke in the late morning and was filled with energy.
The day held boundless possibilities. What should I do?

And then I remembered the weather forecast and I looked outside.

Hmmm. Not very condusive to Doing Things but very condusive to Staying In and Getting Bored.

What would I do to keep busy?


I could make a new taper candle holder out of a vase, unused fishtank gravel, some translucent ribbon and some hot glue

And then I could watch Raising Helen on TV (which incidentally I loved)

And then maybe in the afternoon I can finally (on my third try) make the perfect crabcake

Who knew the secret was mixing sour cream in with the batter?

And then maybe I could make myself a cocktail to go along with my culinary adventures

(vodka + triple sec + orange juice = a delightful screwdriver!)

And then I could put dinner on the stove

So that I can get down to what REALLY keeps me entertained these days.

I have to say, CI has really grown on me. I will never be completely comfortable with Goren's oddness, but I can accept it and move on and appreciate the show for what it is: further proof of Dick Wolf's genius.

So yeah, that would be my Sunday.

Not terribly exciting, but I always find some way to keep myself entertained.

And I swear it's not neccesity that is the mother of invention: it's boredom.


Nicky said...

PJ & I hid in the house all day. A bag of chips, an entire pizza, several cookies, and two bottles of wine later...we had watched Season 1 of The Office, The Exorcism of Emily Rose, and 40 Year Old Virgin. I'm sure I could've gotten a lot of freelance work done, but the snow & wine impeded my motivation a wee bit. Ah, productivity. (I prefer my blizzards on a weekend so I don't have to drive anywhere.)

Chris said...

I can take Goren in small doses, which is why having he and Eames switch off with Logan and Barek makes the show more enjoyable for me.

At this point, however, I really feel that SVU is kicking CI's ass.

Sarah said...

SVU is always #1

are you psyched for CONVICTION? i so am. i love Cabot.

KO said...

I love the slow viral proliferation of L&O fandom - first you got into the regular stuff, in syndication, but since TNT shows the same ones over and over, eventually you have to move on to SVU on USA. Initially it seems to be lower in quality, what with Belzer and Ice-T, but slowly Meloni's weird bouts of rage and Hargitay's subtle dykiness win you over. So you decide to give CI a shot...and at first that little woman is SO DAMN MOUSY, but then D'Onofrio's assholeness starts to seem hot. And now they've brought back Noth, who is second in L&O greatness only to Orbach (I'm a sucker for the tough-guy-got-beat-by-his-alkie-mom backstory), and Sciorra's character can speak like 24 languages and keep Logan in line and...
Um, sorry for the dissertation. I'll go back to work now.