Friday, February 10, 2006

Sometimes, my own conceit cracks me up.

Last night Jenny and I went for apres work cocktails at Ascari, to check the place out, dish, drink some pinot...just a normal Thursday night.

We were seated at a small table in the bar area, right next to another small table where three older gentlemen were seated. Once we settled in and got our drinks, I noticed that these men kept staring at me. At first I was flattered but as time went on, I was a little unnerved. Every time I glanced in their direction, at least one of them was staring. I mean I know I am an attractive gal but this level of blatant staring borders on rude. I am unavailable fellas! Move on!

And then when I got up to use the ladies room, I noticed there was a flat screen TV showing some kind of sporting event right above my head.


I'm glad at the time I wasn't like "OMG Jenny check out those men they are in love with me", when in reality they were in love with hockey.


90% of the time, when we check out a new bar/restaurant..we secretly just want to go to Fuji and get sushi. And since this week is Restaurant Week in Quincy there are definitely deals to be had there and elsewhere. So we went over to Fuji for more pinot, and dined on Shumai, Tempura, Miso Soup, Unagi, Chicken, and more all for the amazing price of $18.88 total!

And as I mentioned before. every time I go to Fuji I try something I never had before and this time it was Sea Urchin.

It is never a good thing when the waiter questions your order. As in "You ordered Sea Urchin. Really? It's definitely not for everyone". This should have been the first hint. But nothing could have prepared me for the gelatinous, ocean-tasting disgustiness wrapped in grossness that I was presented with. It left a taste in my mouth that I imagine is reminiscent of if you drowned and choked on your own vomit at the same time.

But still, all in all a good time. Minus the vomity ocean.


kim said...

wow, that was some nice description of the sea urchin and makes me certainly NEVER wanna try it. also, it does sound a bit like "urin" and shouldn't that have been the first hint? :)

Miss Browneyedgirlie said...


You definitely paint a picture of wonderful culinary delight.

If I ever go to Fuji, I know what NOT to try.

My taste buds thank you in advance :)

Sarah said...

haha i'm glaf i could help!

if you do go: get the Unagi (eel). it is delicious!

e$ said...

well, I guess it's better than simultaneously drowning and choking on somebody *else's* vomit! Nevertheless, I think I''ll leave the sea urchin out of my sushi lineup. said...

that happen to my friends and i once...a group of guys kept staring at us and we were getting so annoyed by it and then we realized the tv was right over us. We had a great laugh afterwards.

Okgirl Speaks said...

We use to have a sea urchin in our salt water fish tank. I never thought about eating it though. You are a brave girl!

Dee said...

On my very first sushi outing, I tried sea urchin. Your description is accurate.