Thursday, February 09, 2006

A very wise man once compared parking in the city to prostitution. He asked "Why should I pay for it when, if I apply myself, I can get it for free?"

I concur with this wise man. And by wise man I mean George Costanza.

Parking in any city is rough, but parking in the Boston/Cambridge area is a whole 'nother kind of rough. Not only are all the metered spots taken, but all of the semi-illegal places are taken too! And if you try to park somewhere questionable, they will tow you faster than you can say "But I didn't want to pay $20 to park in a garage!".

Last night, Adam and I journeyed into Harvard Square to meet up with friends for dinner at The Border Cafe. For the sake of time we drove in. Actually, who am I kidding...we drove in because we loathe the train. But what you lose in homeless men that smell like piss and unreasonable delays, you gain in the agonizing frustration of navigating narrow one way no name streets looking for a parking spot. And let me tell you, I only get super frustrated when I am the one who is driving, but last night Adam was driving and after 20 minutes of circling around a 1/4 mile area, I was so enraged I said something I never, ever say.

"Let's just park in the garage....I'LL PAY FOR IT!".

I loathe parking garages. Paying $20 for housing my car while I dine is just a little inappropriate, I feel. Especially when if there weren't so many assholes ALSO going out to dinner, I would be able to park for free. So why should I be punished because other people are jerks and took all the parking spaces?

It ain't right.

But as I get older, it becomes less and less important to avoid paying the Evil Parking Man, and more important to get to my destination as unfrustratingly as possible. And if this involves paying for parking, well I guess that is my lot in life.

Now onto pictures

Harvard Square has pretty lights hanging above the street

Charlie's Kitchen, where we went out to eat a few weeks ago and
discovered that while the drinks are strong, and the juke box divine,
crab cakes were not such a good idea

Jeannie and Danielle (before the middle finger contest began)

Diana, her man Dennis, and Jenny . Look at the pretty lights in the background!

Me and Adam. This is the "my girlfriend makes me uncomfortable" pose.

It was a fun night. And anyone living in the Boston area who has not been to The Border Cafe (if such a person exists) MUST GO. Right away. Get the Eggplant St. Charles. And a Margartita. And Sangria.

And another Margarita.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like fun. I heart margaritas.

Around these parts, the parking garages are free after 5 pm. Then again, this is no Boston/Cambridge area either...

Mandy said...

Ooops, that was me just now. I don't like to be anonymous.

Sarah said...

yay! i love non anonymous comments :-)

Chris said...

Wow. That is weird...Liza and I almost went to Border Cafe last night. We ended up going to Bertucci's instead because we figured it would be quicker (she had to go to an audition nearby).

Miss Browneyedgirlie said...

Sounds like a fun place.

Jack and I may have to check it out this weekend. I love Davis Square, but I've been feeling the need to venture out and try other dining establishments.

Any other recommendations near Harvard/Porter?

Sarah said...

i <3 davis square. my friend heather used to live there and we would go to Gargoyle's all the time. as far as Harvard reccomendations: if you want to try something upscale i would SO reccomend Upstairs on the Square. ( It is adorable. Or John Harvard's Brew House has good "American Cuisine" and lovely beers. And NOIR in the Charles Hotel is amazing best lighting ever

woah, i just wrote a whole lot.

Anonymous said...

p-chow, p-chow, p-chow, p-chow...fingers crumble, middle finger lives and struggles back up. you - "ohhh that's scary". i love it. <3 danielle

Frankie said...

"Me and Adam. This is the "my girlfriend makes me uncomfortable" pose."

Ha ha!

And I love that color on you!

smile if you like it said...
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e$ said...

you know what else is a bad idea at Charlie's? The margarita. It tastes like liquid seething death.

I **LOVE** to go to Cambridge One for their gourmet pizza - right across the street from the Border Cafe!!

Sarah said...

erin: i can imagine. the martini was basically gin with an olive in it.

frankie: thanks! when are we going out? i drove by The Wine Cellar last night and thought of you!

KO said...

Aw, now I'm homesick! I love Charlie's foreva. And the caesar salad w/ blackened chicken at the Border is the best ever. I've never found one as good anywhere.

KO said...

oh, also, the whole problem with Charlie's margs is the sour mix. That shit tastes exactly like the smell of cheap bathroom cleaner. Avoid any drink made with it there.

kate.d. said...

i second ko, because even though it is only 9:41 am here in chicago i am suddenly desperate for a margartia and the french quarter chicken from border. oh, border, how i miss you!

oh, parking in boston, how i do not miss you!