Monday, February 13, 2006

Go read this story.

It is so touching, I was almost crying at my desk at work.

It made me think of the family who lived down the street from me when I was growing up. Their daughter got married when she was 25, and the wedding was a HUGE To Do. She married some wealthy doctorwho everyone loved , her parents spent over $50,000 on her glitttering wedding, and everyone was insanely jealous of her and her gorgeous fiance.

Then on the honeymoon, they got into a moped accident in the Carribean, and the husband was left paralyzed, a paraplegic, no more than 48 hours after getting married.

My neighbor, this fabulous young woman that we were all so jealous of, had the marriage annulled a few weeks later and moved back in with her parents, who were no $50,000 in the hole.

And I remember that made me so furious. My mother could kind of see her point of view, as in "Why should she be tied down for the rest of her life, she is so young". But if you can't see yourself making that kind of sacrifice then you really have no business getting married anyway. The "for worse" part of the phrase "For better or worse" is what is important. It's easy to be devoted when times are good.

And that Globe story really drives that point home.

I think maybe the Valentine's day madness is making me a little sentimental.


clipper829 said...

I read that story yesterday in the Globe. I totally agree, you marry for better or for worse, even if the worse sucks the biggest ass you can imagine.

Sarah said...

LOL Erin, you should write greeting cards.:-P

Jaime said...

i am totally crying at my desk! what a beautiful love story.

grace said...

I would never leave my husband if he were to become paraplegic. How incredibly shallow of her.

kim said...

that is an amazing story. to be loved like that and love like that... sigh. now i'm all sentimental... happy V-day :)

Sarah said...

i know! it makes me all misty-eyed :-) happy valentines day!

Nicky said...

Even if I were that shallow to leave my poor paralyzed husband (which I'm not!!!), don't you think you'd stay married just so the neigbors wouldn't discuss what a raving bitch you were? Anyway, his current condition is kind of your fault. Yeah, if you didn't marry him, there's be no honeymoon. No honeymoon = he'd still have use of his limbs. She owes that guy big time!