Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Agree or Disagree:

Sometimes, when you are shopping AND have a limited budget with which you are allowing yourself to play with, and you find The Perfect skirt/blouse/dress that you Must Have and it is WAY over the aforementioned budget, you actually pray/hope/sincerely wish that the garment does not fit properly...because if it looks at all decent you will HAVE to purchase it. And you really can't afford it. But there will be no choice if it fits.

This happened to me over the weekend. I was at Talbots (of course!) with my mom, and I found the cutest blouse: cream satin tank with a black lace short sleeved overlay, with a black satin band across the waste and a cream colored rose attached to said band. It was perfection. And there were only TWO left and one was my size! I glanced at the price tag and winced. $70 at the outlet for a short sleeved blouse? It was only marked down $15 from the original price! I think not. But it was so gorgeous. I was already mentally planning outfits based around this top. So, with a sigh I made my way into the dressing room silently willing it to look atrocious on me. I pulled it over my head, silently prayed, and turned around to face the mirror

It looked, well, boxy and weird.


I gleefully took it off, thankful that I would not be spending $70 on a shirt that I know in a few weeks will be like 75% off anyway. And, I mean I would pay $25 for a boxy shirt with the hopes that I can alter it a little, but never more than that.

So as I go to leave the dressing room, I hear "Sarah, are you in here?" and I find my mother at the other end of the dressing rooms, looking into the three way mirror, modeling a knee length camel hair swing coat.

"How does this look?" she asked me, eyeing herself in the mirror.

The arms hung down a little past her hands, and she looked a tad like she was swimming in the coat. "It's too big for you, Mom. Sorry!".

"Thank GOD!" she sighed. "I really didn't want to spend $180 on yet another camel coat"

I totally understood.


Jaime said...

totally agree!

Lys said...

Have to agree!

Sarah said...

see? i knew i wasn't alone on this!

Frankie said...


Miss Browneyedgirlie said...

Absolutely agree! This happens to me nearly every time I go shopping.

I hate it.

J-Mo said...

I have this problem where i want a certain something, but instead I find something similar, but not nearly as nice in quality, but a lot cheaper. I buy the cheaper one and then never wear it cause it's cheap and crap and then i'm left thinking i could have used the money i now wasted on this piece of cheap crap towards purchasing the good thing that probbaly would have lasted me.

Sarah said...

haha i do that too with shoes. I will want one pair of black pumps that are $150 at Saks, and then i will see a similar pair at Marshalls, some no name brand,for $25 and buy those instead. And then 1 month later when the heels snaps off and I fall down the stairs I curse myself for being a cheapo!