Monday, February 06, 2006

According to THIS website

A dirty vodka martini has 430 calories in it.

Say what?

I couldn't find caloric info for dirty gin martinis, but still.

Why am I eating lean cuisines for lunch when my apres work cocktail
is like 2 of them combined as a pre-dinner snack?

I = a little horrified right now.


Lys said...

If your Dirty Martini has 430 calories, I'm scared to find out how many a cosmo has!

Sarah said...

i am seriously can it be that much! is there such thing as a diet martini?

clipper829 said...

Ohhh yes, 'tis true. I remember thinking how awesome I was for drinking a drink with "nothing bad" in it (like sugary juice, coke, etc.) - and being SHOCKED when I found out that my beloved extra dirty martini was close to 500 calories.

Which is why I pretty much switched to wine.

Sarah said...

that is my lot in life too, i believe. i'm sure now that i know how bad they are they will seem THAT much more appealing too!

Anonymous said... actually had a list recently (think it was under their "lifestyle" section) of the Top 10 Calorie-Laden Cocktails. Cosmos, mojitos, and Mai Tai's all made the list.

Sarah said...


what is the world coming to.

Lys said...

OK - MOJITOS Too? What has the world come to.. Egads!! That's it - someone needs to invent a diet cocktail, stat. A girl can only drink *so* much wine, ya know?