Monday, January 30, 2006

Weekend Highlights

* Remember my hypochondriacal fears about having the stomach flu? Well they were not quite as hypo in nature as I had originally said since I left work wrtechedly ill on Friday at 3. And here is the most awesome part: Having the stomach flu, feeling completely miserable...and being stuck, unmoving, on the highway for ONE HOUR because they highway is shut down so a Med-Flight helicoptor can land on it. And I didn't even get to see any wreckage because by the time traffic got started again it was cleared. poo.

* For a looong time I have wanted these wine glasses from Crate and Barrel

However, spending $10 on a wine glass scares me given my propensity towards breaking them. So, I waited. And as usual, waiting has paid off since Adam and I went to BB&B this past Saturday and found the same wine glasses in the clearance section: 4 for $10! score!

*I finally broke down and got a cell phone. Well, Adam got it for me. And i DID end up going with Verizon since Adam will not switch, and we wanted to be on the same plan. But I am now a member of the technologically advanced sector of society although while trying to program Andy's number into my phone I instead sent him a text that said "Andy". I will get the hang of it someday though, I swear. And in the meantime what is everyone's ringtone? Mine is Copacabana. Yes, on purpose.

*Saturday night I attended a mexican fiesta at my friend Jenn's house. It was lots of fun but allow me to say this: Mexican is a poor choice if one is covering from a stomach bug.

*Speaking of Andy, I visited him for four hours yesterday and he is doing GREAT. Still the consumate host even with a broken back. He injured himself pretty badly a few weeks ago but I am happy to report he is in great spirits and it was SO good to see him.

*This is the bomb

You mix it up with some bean sprouts, scallions, crushed peanuts and chopped chicken and it is DIVINE. Especially when served with homemade crab rangoons . But word to the wiser than me: Chinese/Asian food? ALSO not a good idea for those recovering from a stomach bug. But it sure is tasty.


kim said...

i LOVE the wine glasses. sweet deal!

and my ringtone is (and always has been since i got my first cellphone) the theme from... now, guess... that's right: FRIENDS :) "i'll be there for youhouuu..."

Jaime said...

i love the "a taste of thai" foods! i've never had that one, i'll have to try it.

my ringtone is usher "yeah" for most calls (because it is my JAM), "sweet home alabama" for my husband (because it was the best one on my old phone and when i switched i kept it) and "ice ice baby" for my sister (for no good reason, just 'cause)

Jaime said...

ps- i can't believe you didn't have a cell phone until now!

Sarah said...

i know, right. the thing i love most is texting! i could text all day long. in fact, i pretty much do.

J-Mo said...

Those glasses look difficult to drink from.

Sarah said...

i could drink wine comfortably out of a test tube if need be. that's how i roll

and they're puuuuurty!

kim said...

text me :)