Friday, January 27, 2006

Did anyone else read that second line and totally think it said "gaying"? I totally read it as "Provincetown officials worry the town's population is "gaying". I was like "Honey, I am pretty sure it's already there".

I seriously giggled for about 5 minutes. A coworker asked "What's so funny" and I shouted "GAYING!". I say that I shouted because I seem to have lost volume control of my voice this morning. Not that I am surprised after the night I had.

It all started innocently enough. Jenny and Diana emailed me at work yesterday to see if I wanted to meet up at our mainstay, Fuji, after work for sushi and drinks. So although I had PLANNED on going home and relaxing after a crazy busy day at work, I figured "What the H. I will go, catch up with my girls, have some spicy tuna maki and a glass of wine and be home by 7".

Of course after the first glass of wine, another always sounds better. And another. I also was VERY adventurous with my sushi dealings! I ate octopus for the first time and when I say I ate octopus I mean literally, I was served 4 tentacles with sucky cups attached and all. And it wasn't half bad! Although the seaweed it came with tasted like dirty ocean. I also ordered scallops which I normally don't like but they were delicious as well. My new goal at Fuji is to try something I've never had before each time I go. At the rate I go there I should have the whole menu done in like 3 weeks.

Anyway after enough raw fish pinot grigio was consumed we decided to check out the new Trattoria Alba on Hancock Street and I am DEFINITELY having my birthday party there. It is amazing: marble floors, a marble bar, floor to ceiling windows and a fabulous menu/wine list. Not to mention the most flattering lighting this side of Harvard Gardens. There, I sampled their dirty Tanqueray martinis, and there Pinot Noir both of which were very tasty.

Of course after that, we were in no shape to call it a night so we decided to go see a friend's band play at Bill's Bar in Boston. So we trekked to my apartment, got in Adam's car and we all drove into the show just in time to see the Age Rings who I am happy to say I love. I don't often find local bands that I really think I could get into, but this is definitely one of them. Anyway, there I ran into people I hadn't seen in a while (like the lovely Lindsay) and I made the oh so smart move of switching to gin & tonics. I will say this: last night marked the first time ever re-applying eye liner while drunk and not causing myself greivous injury. So thumbs up for that.

And the best part of getting your night started at 6PM is that you get home by 11:30PM..a perfectly respectable bed time especially after consuming 3 glasses of pinot grigio, 1 glass of pinot noir, a dirty martini and 2 gin & tonics.

I need an advil though.


Nicky said...

All I have to say is - OF COURSE
P-town is gaying...I mean, greying. P-town is for old rich queens! That is, according to my best gay friend. He wouldn't move there if you paid him. And anyway, the young gaybos haven't made their millions yet! Lurd knows you need a few mil to get property up there. My teacher at RISD had property in Truro & I went to visit when I lived in Hyannis. Holy crap! He and his partner must have a bundle cuz it was their 2ond or 3rd home and was completely gorgeous. Our age group are among the young, fabulous, and broke. (By the way, go Sarah, with your Thursday night partying!!! Haha!)

Sarah said...

i was in Ptown over the summer and I never wished more that I was a gay man. I saw this man in his 60s, traipsing down the street with his young man, Chanel sunglasses perched on his head and i was like "that is me in 40 years". haha!

MarisaJosephine said...


i have wanted to try that Alba place for a while.....Now i will have to go seeing as it got your approval!


Anonymous said...

i definitely did read "gaying". so awesome. glad you enjoyed age rings. hope you got a cd. maybe you will change your mind and i'll see you tonight! <3danielle

Sarah said...

omg i did not drive! adam did! and there are two albas on hancock street: there is regular Alba which has been around for years and Trattoria Alba which is brand spankin' new and it is AWESOME. that is the one i went to last night. you would love it.

Mandy said...

Damn, girl! I would be out of commission for about 3 days if I drank all that! I can handle about 5 beers, or 4 beers and one shot on a Thursday night and still make it to work the next morning. (like you care)

Sarah said...

but i DO care. i care about the drinking habits of all of my readers. and 5 beers is nothing to sneeze at!. :-P

Jenny said...

"what did you have for dinner?"


but seriously, that octopussssss was delish.