Thursday, January 26, 2006

I'll admit it. I'm a bit of a hypo.

If I start to feel sick, I obsess about what it is. My knees ache: Oh My God I am getting the flu because when you have the flu, your joints ache, right? . Or when my throat hurts I always think it's my adenoids even though 1) I have no idea what adenoids are or 2) where they are but I am pretty sure I need them out anyway.

I have always been like this, when i was young I was SURE I had diabetes. (Although I admit this was mostly because I idolized Stacy from The Babysitter's Club and SHE had diabetes). But any slight dizziness and I was like "OMG MY BLOOD SUGAR" even though, once again, I had no idea at the time what blood sugar actually was.

I guess once a hypo, always a hypo.

And today is no different.

No less than FIVE of my coworkers are out today with a stomach flu. One of my bosss went home a few hours ago, and another coworker heaved into his wastebasket but is still trying to "stick it out" much to the chagrin of the non vomiting office population.

And just now Adam emailed me from work and was like "My stomach is acting up, I am going home".

So of course now I am like "Wait, does MY stomach hurt? Do I feel okay?" and you know of COURSE if you really think about how you feel you can almost always pick out one thing that is not 100%. In my case I am a little hoarse today and even though that is not really a symptom of stomach flu, clearly I have it.



Amy said...

You are exactly right. You are not a hypo, you are just highly suseptible to other people's germs. It happens to me too. My co-worker went home with a sore throat this morning and I swear, my throat is a bit scratchy so I must have strep.

Sarah said...

it's true! and my company is the germiest place on earth. seriously i wish i could wear one of those surgical masks. especially if they come in pink

Mr. & Mrs. Cappella said...

That usually only happens to me when i hear of someone having meningitis. I'm always like "Oh, CRAP! I totally have that!"

Natalie said...

ha! you make me laugh, girlie.

sweta said...

Hehe, I don't think it's all in your head Sarah! My prob is whenever someone has a headache, I get one too.

I loved Mary Anne and Logan :)

Chaos said...

i too am a hypo... it is rather exhausting. i have become addicted to airborne whenever i feel the slightest bit of sickness coming on - i am convinced it cures all - i loved the babysitter's club - i wanted to form one but it never worked out... take care.