Wednesday, January 25, 2006

How to lighten the mood at your Annual Review

Boss: Here are a couple of pages of what your co-workers had to say about you.
Me: (Scanning the first page) It says here under "Positive Feedback": "Sarah will do pretty much anything you ask her to"
Boss: Yeah, I saw that
Me: Well that's not something I would put in a personal ad!


Anyway, all in all my first annual review went fabulously. I got a very generous raise, some great feedback and the usual developmental advice. I was pretty relaxed going into it. My boss asked me in the beginning "Are you nervous? Everyone always gets really stressed out about this" and I was like "No I'm actually looking forward to it!".

Clearly I have watched too much Office Space.


Lys said...


kim said...

positive feedback = good.

mo money* = great.

congrats :)

*so can you come to germany visit now?

Nicky said...

My annual review is actually an acronym - PMP. Which makes me think of them as the "Pimp" reviews, since I don't actually know what it stands for. My job is filled with acronyms, far worse than Office Space. My workplace name itself is a damn acronym. Anyway, we have to set 3 goals per year & meet them by the next review. I met 4. And got a very sad little raise. Oh well, a raise is a raise I guess. Congrats on your (far more generous) company! Lol...

ugagirl16 said...

That's awesome! Congrats on a fab review!

Sarah said...

thanks everyone!

now i really want to know what "PMP" stands for.

Mr. & Mrs. Cappella said...

So I guess this means we can't call you a renegade? ;-)

Sarah said...

that's the worst part. i <3'd being a renegade :( superstar just does not suit me the same

adena said...

When I was working, my boss gave me my review, and actually had down as a POSITIVE, that I was so good at multi-tasking the phone, my work, and AIM.

Cracked me up.

Sarah said...

that's funny!! the thing about it is there are better ways to word the fact that i am flexible other than "she pretty much does anything i want". it cracks me up though