Monday, August 01, 2005

it is always nice to come back from a mini-vacay and find out that your coworkers have ransacked your desk.

so pleasant, really.

i came in early today (which mind you is rough enough since i have not been in work since last wednesday) and i found that

1) someone had gone through my "in progress projects" that were in/on my desk and left little notes like "this isn't done" and "this is missing this document" and so on. um, that's why they are still in my desk because THEY ARE NOT DONE. unless i put a binder in your hands, it is safe to assume that i am NOT done with it. and if that is too much to grasp: if you find some binders in my drawer marked "In Progress", they are most likely in progress, and not completed. so really, the notes are a leeetle unneccessary. and annoying. and now i hate you.

2) there are several items missing from my cubicle including (but not limited to) my label-maker, my hole-punch, all but two of my pens and my wastebasket. i can understand maybe borrowing the label maker (i have the only one) and pens are always going missing but my wastebasket? that is just plain laziness since there are about 20 unused ones in the storage room which is 15 feet from my desk.

3) no one brought in bagels today. not that they usually bring in bagels on mondays. but still. i could really use one now!

maybe after some venting in the ladies' room i will have more substantial things to say. like how my weekend ruled.

we'll see.


Frankie said...

I HATE that!

clipper829 said...
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clipper829 said...

Ok I just commented but I did something weird and it's gone! But what I did want to say is that totally sucks and? How was the weekend? I want to hear all about the Ruling!


Sarah said...

i'm waiting until after i upload my pics (tonight) so i can be clear about JUST how much it ruled ;-)

Sassy said...

o goodness i am upset for you!!

Jenny said...

Not only am I pissed for you, but when I came back last week from my vacation, my 3-hole punch was missing off my desk (my office is a communal office, but it's still MY desk) and no one will own up to it! And I lock my pens up every night because everyone used to steal them.

Pink Pen said...

*Waves* Hi, from one Pink to another...

I totally hear you sister. I came back from vacay and one of the other copywriters REWROTE two of my projects (and I haven't seen everything yet). Worse, he rewrote them by adding in spelling and grammar mistakes and making them ten times worse.

I'll take a missing pen over that any day *grin*