Wednesday, July 20, 2005

so, i found my old blog. my diaryland blog from when i was 21 and started blogging until i switched to this format 2 years ago. that i thought had long been erased.

it is HILARIOUS (well some of it, especially the earlier stuff. i was really stupid...but in an awesome way)

i can't believe it still exists!

if you are bored, feel free to peruse


Jenny said...

OMG This is a super long comment, but I found THIS and HAD to report it on this blog.

<3 <3 <3 <3

From September 23, 2002:

Saturday night was filled with lounging around and carbo-loading in preparation for Ken's Pub Crawl 2002. At 5, swanked out in a black tank top and black leather skirt I made my way to John Harvard's in Harvard Square to kick off the festivies with Jenny, Jill, Sarah C., Kate, Ken and about 40 people I didn't know. My girls all looked utterly smashing, in varying shades of red and black. We were all given blue-happy face decorated wristbands, handed a copy of the intinerary and rules and thus began the night. I should have known what kind of night it would be when jenny kept referring to us as "bad girls" - - which we completely ended up being. After a few hours at John Harvard's the drunken parade, as I will refer to us, made our way to Fire and Ice for some Polar Ice Caps and naughty shot-taking (Jenny and I DID win first place, although I ended up with Buttry Nipple all over my shirt);-) Every bar we went to, we literally took over the joint because there were so many of us, it was pretty sweet.

After a stop at Rock Bottom for some microbrews we headed to the Hong Kong to get down and dirty with some scorpian bowls and Kylie Minogue. Some 3 scorpian bowls laterI found myself in a circle with my girls, little paper umbrella tucked behind my ear and a wristband around my neck dog-clooar style, on the dance floor chanting while Ken spanked Mullins to the beat of a Ja Rule song. I think Jenny wins the drunk prize at this point for her 6 scorpian bowl effort. It was at this point that I decided to wear my sunglasses for the remainder of the night.

After a rollickin' time at the Hong Kong we headed to The Cellar. On the way there my phone rang and it was our favorite velour-shirt wearing boy, JJ - inviting Jill and I to hang out with them. Rather than do the nice thing, and have him and Kris meet us at the next bar, Jill and I opted to tell them to meet us at the last bar on thr route, as their tendencies to wear say-something hats can be a bit embarrasing. This being said, I then upon entering the Cellar I found myself defending my preference of stupid men to Aaron, and I then realized I was physically unable to drink a woo-woo shot. It was pretty sad. I asked Ken to call off the shot-social so I would not be embarrased and he obliged.

The next stop was the People's Republic, where our crowd grew even more since Ken kept inviting people we passed along the way and slapping wristbands on them. The People's Republic brought a few small scenes, mainly regarding Jenny's ex-hook up who is a total ass,( i don't remember the last time i said "Shut the FUck up" repeatedly to someone and actually meant it. We also spent some time in this bar admiring Sarah C who was on FIRE! (pronounced Fiyah). That girl had game coming out of her ears, I will tell you that much. ;)

The final stop for the drunken parade ended up being the Asgard where I did the afamed "boot and rally" and also ended up somehome doing 5 shots immediately following. It was at this bar that Jill and I realized that Ken truly is the man - my new favorite drunken social butterfly. He and Kate are by far the cutest of all.

Sarah said...

"chanting while Ken spanked Mullins to the beat of a Ja Rule song" I Loved That Night!!

Anonymous said...

Ok, well I can see that I'll be doing some reading today! Too funny!