Monday, July 18, 2005

and now. we talk about sausages.

on saturday night, when we were at jenn & mike's, mike grilled up these AMAZING "chinese" sausages. they were bright red, and so delicious. i cannot even describe in words how good these sausages were. they were heaven in pork form. mmmmm.......

so, today on my lunch break i went food shopping and spotted the chinese sausages next to the italian sausages and i quickly grabbed them and on a whim i turned the package around to look at the nutritional information (something i hardly ever do)

um, yeah. 550 calories a serving

and a serving is HALF A SAUSAGE.

and i don't even really care about counting calories all that much (i hate math). but 1100 calories a sausage is a bit much, even for me. i mean that is the caloric equivalent of THREE lean cuisine meals! and it's not even a meal in and of itself. it's 3 inches of sausage!

i should never have read the back of the package, because now that i know what i know, i cannot eat one without feeling like this dude afterwards

it's too bad, really.
(you may now commence 3-inch sausage jokes..)


Anonymous said...

Damn! My dad grills us up delicious Chinese sausages all the time... as appetizers!! I loooooove them but that's a bit horrifying!


amy said...

That is really awful ... sometimes ignorance is bliss!

(On another note, I tried that Big House Red you recommended awhile back. I concur! It's great!)

Indigo said...

JEEZ that's a lot of calories for one sausage!!!!