Tuesday, June 28, 2005

i'm nervous....

for about a week now, my right eyelid has been bothering me. it has just been a little sore.

(eyelids CAN be sore, believe it or not. i am not being a hypo.)

i stopped wearing makeup to see if it made a difference but it didn't. and i can only hope that what happened to me 3 years ago isn't happening to me again now.

you see, one year while i was in college, i had the same kind of eyelid-soreness for about a week straight and then i woke up one morning and was a kyklopes.

i kid you not. my right eyelid was so swollen that i couldn't even open that eye. i had only one eye!!

and i am so vain that of course this meant i couldn't go to class, so i went to the dr. and he misdiagnosed me as having pinkeye....and a few days and many more degrees of kyklopesness later we found out i actually had a blocked gland in my eyelid which i would just have TO WAIT OUT.

it was the saddest (and longest and most one-eyed) week of my life. and i do NOT want to repeat it. do you hear me, eyelid-gland? if you are blocked than you just unblock yourself right this minute!!

who knew one little blocked gland can turn me from this:

into this ?

so you see why i am nervous.....


Martha said...

Same thing happened to me a few months ago. I blamed the soreness on being overtired. Then after a few days it swelled up 5 times the size and I was like oh hell no I am not going to work. Turns out it was some gross blockage like you had. My eye doctor said to put hot compresses on it which bring it to the surface and if you pull the eyelash out( I know it's sick) it should drain faster.

Polly Prissy-Pants said...

That has happened to me before. I use eyedrops - saline. And flush the eye and cut off mascara supplies to the region until it goes away.

Bad mascara can be the culprit. You have to switch it out and throw it away often. Don't wait for it to run out.

Polly Prissy-Pants said...

the warm compress is a great idea too

LizaBetty said...


lazy_housewife said...

Geez you are funny. Sorry about the eye, dear. I don't have any tips to offer or anything, but I will keep the fingers crossed.