Friday, May 13, 2005

i'll admit it, i have an addiction.

my drug of choice? DHA

in other words, i have become a tan-aholic.

in the past 3 weeks i have been liberally applying self tanner whenever i see fit, i have been Mist-On Tanning twice, and i am happy to say i am pretty damn tan now.

i have even began to use self tanner instead of facial moistierizer every other day.

and still, it's never enough.

at Glow (the Mist-On Tanning Salon) with Jenny yesterday i was checking out the other girls in the waiting room to see how tan they were (luckily, they were all pretty pale). and when i got home i kept checking in the mirror to see how things were progressing. even today i keep staring down at my bronze arm, and thinking about how maybe i will have time on Sunday to go mist-tanning again. i can't stop!

i feel like i am steps away from being a full blown addict and keeping self-tanner in my purse at all times in case i need a fix.

i think there must be a support group somewhere for this.

it should also be noted that sunless tanning is not for the faint of heart. especially at Glow. you are rushed into a tiny room which houses this somewhat scary looking gas-chamber-esque machine

and you are given a few minutes to strip, lotion up your hands and feet, don your shower cap and then it's GO GO GO into the tanning chamber and you are doing front-facing ballerina and right-facing warrior and back-facing ballerina and left-facing warrior (these are legititate tanning terms/positions, i promise) and then it is GO GO GO out of the chamber and grab your stuff and RUN into the changing room because as soon as the door to your changing room closes behind you, someone else is in the tanning chamber doing their front facing ballerina and you better get changed quicked because there is one changing room only and when the person after is you is done tanning they will be in your business like white on rice.

or, more appropriately, brown on rice. ;-)

and then as you leave you look in the mirror and sigh.

and it is all worth it.


Sparky said...

Do they give you time to dry? Back when I was rich and could afford air-brush tanning (and by rich I mean I wasn't paying my bills) they'd spray me down then hand me a hairdryer set on cool to dry myself for about 30 minutes before I left the booth. I've never been mist-on tanning but like you, I'm an addict (I have no less than 7 types of tanning lotions/sprays/mousses on my vanity) and would love to try it.

Sarah said...

you dry instantly! basically its 4 quick blasts of tanning mist and after each blast of the mist is a blast of air. so when you step out you are dry! and it only takes a minute!

Anonymous said...

WHERE is this mist-on tanning you speak of? I MUST GO.

Isn't that sad? My stitches are no sooner out then I am thinking of how to acquire my next tan! At least this time it's safely. Does it get onto your clothes at all?


Cindy said...

Oh wow. Where I get my mystic tan you at least get 15 minutes to do everything and change in the room where the booth is. But you have to dry off very thoroughly, no instant dry like yours!

I'll probably be visiting the booth myself tomorrow for my vacation!

amy said...

Man! So many ways to tan! I'm still a newbie using my Jergen's Naturally Glow (which I totally recommend, btw) ... you all make me wanna try all this new stuff! I'm going to be a future addict, just you wait ...

KO said...

Sarah, you totally just saved my life. By which I mean my self esteem. Being a pale Irish girl, I have never been able to tan properly, never mastered the art of applying self-tanners properly, and always looked down upon fake tans, because tanning beds are just as bad for your skin as the sun and also turn you orange. HOWEVER, next weekend I am due to attend my boyfriend's family reunion in Florida - his whole family is from southern Cali, and also includes 2 celebrities - while minor celebrities, they are very attractive nonetheless - and I have been all kinds of anxious about this being my first bathing suit moment of the season. Clearly, a spray-on tan is absolutely necessary! BRILLIANT!!How much does one visit cost, on average??

Sarah said...

kristen YOU would love this. it costs $20-25 per application depending where you go and it lasts 5-7 days. we will discuss tonight.

Polly Prissy-Pants said...

Man, you've got it bad girl. I have been there. The first step is admitting you have a problem. The second step, and the most painful, is letting your skin return to it's natural coloring. EEEEEE!

Polly Prissy-Pants said...

Man, you've got it bad girl. I have been there. The first step is admitting you have a problem. The second step, and the most painful, is letting your skin return to it's natural coloring. EEEEEE!

Yvonne said...

Wow, tanning has really changed since the last time I did it. I used to go to a place near my home because they had a great package deal: with every 10 tanning sessions, you got a free trip to the chemotherapy booth.

matt said...

spray on tan! all the rage! 1/2 the cancer!

The Pink Kitty said...

i'm thinking I'm destined for skin cancer as I can't get enough of sunning myself. I should really try this mystic tan stuff instead! It sounds a lot better for you, thanks for all the info!

Retro Girl said...

I love your blog! Thanks for this entry~I was wondering just the other day how this all worked and now I know! I'm blogging you! :)

Garrison Steelle said...


Yes, you heard me.


Wardo said...

Painting your skin with a chemical that stains it brown for an extended length of time? Oh yeah, that sounds healthy!

But I second the motion to have pictures posted.


Anonymous said...

girl, i too am addicted...but at least it's a nice healthy addiction, right? right? haha!! i love being a tan red head so makes people go 'ahh', right?? ;)