Friday, April 22, 2005

top 5 things i learned last night while having
jenny, jeannie and diana over for dinner:

1) protestants are really just slutty catholics.
2) two bottles of wine is NEVER enough.
3) a leftover chocolate easter bunny is always good to keep on
hand in case the need for s'mores arises
4) it's fun to dip your fingers in hot wax. repeatedly.
5) i never laugh more or harder than when i am with my Braintree girls


ashley said...

oh good, i always wondered if there was something wrong with me, whenever im around a candle i cant help but dip my fingers in it. over and over and over again. its the coolest thign ever

Anonymous said...

i'm sad i missed this night. i do love me some braintree ladies and good food oh and wine. i love us braintrees! <3 danielle

Sarah said...

we will have another one soon and you will definitely be there!!

Jenny said...

You're fun. I'm jealous!

M said...

I miss my 'trees! :(

Anonymous said...

get anything in the mail yet?? ;)

Garrison Steelle said...

You know, I'd been wondering what to do with that leftover easter bunny.


pauline said...

got to enjoy hot wax at midnight easter masses..dripping it onto my fingers and then...peeling it off..great.
sometimes 6 bottlesarent enough