Tuesday, February 10, 2004

tom finneran is such a bastard. seriously. what an asshole.

thats all i can stands, and i can't stands no more.

you cannot turn on the tv hese days without hearing about the gay marriage hullabaloo in massacusetts. i don't even undestand why it is an issue. like al sharpton said "to deny someone the basic right of marriage, is to deny their humanity". i hear these religious fanatics opining about the sanctity of marriage...where were all you fuckers during the sex abuse scandal. where were the massmailings from the catholic right then? they hide behind this facade of wanting to "preserve marriage" when in reality it is that they don't consider gay people to be humans...or else why deny them a basic human right?

i suppose it's not as holy to speak that truth though. better to hide your bigotry in a shiny and pretty white word like "sanctity"

i just get so mad about this. i have never been able to just NOT see the other side of an argument before. it just seems so selfish. so now mr. finneran is trying to stop the doling out of marriage licenses on May 17 when the SJC's ruling goes into effect. why not let gay marriages go ahead, and then maybe the people who are so against it will see that their marriage is no less sanctified, and that the family structure is in no way threatened and the sky has not fallen.

Besides, Mitt Romney is no one to talk against a marriage out of the norm..his family is filled to the brim with polygamists. so there! and I am sure that most would agree that a marriage of 2 (whether they be men, women or both) is better than a marriage of 49. seriously.

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