Friday, December 19, 2003

it's official! j'ai finit! i had my last final this morning (during which i solved all of the Middle East's problems in the space of one single blue book...ah globalization, is there nothing you can't fix?) immediately after which i had a job interview at the swanky realty agency on the corner of hererford and newbury. i think it went really well, especially since i have another interview with the Pres and Vice Pres next week. And also, it is always a good sign when the guy who is interviewing you is hot, don't you think? It just seems like a very cool, interesting place to work where i will get to try my hand at HR, admin, marketing AND real estate mogul-ing which is, of course, my ultimate goal.

also, on the employment beat, i am still cocktailing at the club. it's going well, with the exception that my two bosses are so horrid they are collectively referred to as either "Ayatollah" or "Uday and Qusay". even by the general manager of the club, who is a snooty moustached frenchman. he even encouraged me to tell either one of them to "fuck off" at my discretion (although with his cute accent it sounds more like "fook off!"). i haven't been able to say that yet... in fact i have yet to elevate myself above simpering ass-kissing, but bitchery will prevail, i have no doubt.

so tonight, it is off to the land of trees and guns....New Hampshire! i'm kidding, i have to admit i am developing a place in my heart for that state, especially since they get the BEST political campaigning commercials that i have ever seen. First in the Nation my ass, it is not fair!

also: my ultra-swank snowflake soiree is this sunday night. care to come? drop me an email if i didn't send you an invite. i have two words for you: inflatable. snowmen. :-)

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