Tuesday, November 11, 2003

interlude from last night...

CHRIS: Lillix is that cheesy girl band
ME: Yeah if by cheesy you mean "really good"
PAT: You can really only say something like that if you're talking about a Pizzone

haha, i love posting interludes. i cannot help myself though, Pat C is just too witty. he's like the tall robot on Mystery Science Theater 3000. i refute the idea that Lillix sucks though, with lyrics like "I need to break out/Order some take out", i don't see how you can go wrong.

So last night was low-key and funny, just how i like my monday nights. A group of us went to Chile's for Damien's birthday and we ended up talking primarily about 3 basic things: Mormons, Pepper Spray and Halloween. (The three subjects actually complement each other beautifully). After everyone else had headed home, Danielle and I went to the bar, ordered wine and discussed life. That girl is so easy to talk to, she's like a shrink who drinks. It's very refreshing. We've been discussing life since 9th grade when we used to wear matching german army jackets, be in love with eddie vedder/trent reznor and drink bailey's in her garage. so if everything goes as planned: 5 years from now I will be a correspondent in the Middle East and Danielle will be a wealthy restaurant proprieter. I can see it now.....(it's always good to have lofty ambitions, don't you think? reality is for people with no imagination!)

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