Wednesday, October 29, 2003

well, last night was my first shift at Get Out The Vote in dorchester. after a brief training period i was on the phones like a demon, Time-Life headset and all. my responsibilities were basically to call youth voters and remind them to 1)vote in the city council election next tuesday and 2) find out if they needed a ride. i'm such a geek about voting; i was a little thrilled everytime i got what we call a "pledge to vote". i just love voters, not even speaking on a partisan level. if you vote then it shows at least some kind of fundamental concern for the world around you, which is always cool. i am not speaking about californians though, because like wanda sykes said last night on the daily show "people died for your right to vote, and you go and say "i'm gonna vote for gary coleman, that would be funny sh*t!."

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