Saturday, October 04, 2003

oh how i love weddings, even if the people getting married as well as the entire wedding party are 4 years younger than me. nothing like feeling like an old maid at 23. friday night meaghan and i went to her cousin's wedding in Rockland. I had bought a beautiful little black dress for the event, which caused my mother to ask "are you going to a wedding or a funeral?" but the joke was on her, because myself, meaghan, her sister, her cousins and most of her aunts all had LBDs of their own on. It made quite a spectacle on the dance floor, the bridesmaids dancing in one cluster of mint greeen chiffon next to the little black dress came very close to a dance-off, truth be told. I love dancing at a wedding - As you drink more and more the dancing gets more and more silly until you catch your friend's eye and you know you're both thinking "We are so white". All in all it was a fabulous night: the gin and tonics flowed like wine as did the KC and the Sunshine Band.

Today I checked something off my To Do list that has been there for a while: See "Deliverance". I did, and it was one of the most distrubing movies I have ever seen. Do not eat while viewing this film. Anal rape does not go well with Greek wraps. Trust me.

Oh, and now I have internet in my room. Is it really nerdy to be psyched about wireless internet? I don't care if it is. i AM psyched!

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