Friday, August 22, 2003

well, i am back from an absolutely amazing and wonderful 2 and a half weeks in lovely lebanon. i returned late monday night and have just now conquered my fearless opponent jet-lag and have spent most of the day lounging on a chaise in my backyard in an effort to prolong my tan.

what can i say about lebanon? i won't bore you with a minute by minute detailed itinerary but suffice it to say i had the most incredible time: seeing Carmen at Baalbeck, shopping in Byblos, speedboating on the Mediterranean, nightclubbing in Centre Ville, meeting Moussa thanks to the oh so well-connected Catherine and getting a private after-hours tour of his castle, attending swanky dinner parties given in gigantic marble villas by the Syrian powers-that-be, seeing Nigel Kennedy at Beittedine going out to dinner with the Prime Minister's nephew in Edin, exploring the grottos in Jeita, taking in some nature at The Cedars, lounging on the beach at Oceania with complimentary Mojitos, dining at the fabulous Emir Amin Hotel, getting manicures/pedicures/blowouts on an almost daily basis by people that come to the house to take care of your every beauty need! And of course meeting the most amazing people ever. Is it any surprise that I was somewhat dissapointed to return home.

So, as most women-of-leisure, I am now on the lookout for a hobby besides shopping. Knitting is fun, but it is too hot to mess with wool yarn at this point and time. Maybe embroidery? I feel a visit to Michael's on the horizon.

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