Thursday, July 31, 2003

I took my French final today and am happy to report i did formidable! It's strange, I took both my midterm and my final with a blinding Flanagan's-induced hangover and it actually improved my ability to conjugate irregular verbs. weird. I did not get to bed until almost 3 thanks to being coerced into an excursion to the Emerald Isle at 1AM. I will say this about myself: I was an excellent wingman, albeit a wingman on a failed mission.

I finally started packing now, at 10 o'clock at night . In 10 hours I will be on a plane, sipping a bloody mary in coach...whee!!! By this time tomorrow I will be in The Paris Of The Middle East. In any case, I will miss you all and I hope you have a lovely 18 days without my precense. Be on the lookout for postcards and scads of gifts when I return. <3<3<3

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