Thursday, August 28, 2003

sometimes i have this urge to work in a bookstore. i mostly feel this way after shopping at borders or barnes and nobles where the employees seem to know dick about literature, and i think i could offer a little more customer service than punching keys on a computer keyboard (example: employee "helping" a family at borders who had never heard of "I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings"). but then i realize that what i really want to do is be like a doctor but instead of prescribing meds i would prescribe books. is this because i am so insightful that i know intuitively what someone would enjoy reading? is it because i think books fill voids in peoples' lives and i want to facilitate the filling of these voids? i consider all these possibilties until i realize the truth: that i am a Book Nazi. i don't give a crap about what people are bringing to the books that I reccomend. I just want people to read ONLY what i want them to read and they had better 1) understand it, 2) love it and 3) have something intelligent to say about it or they will be hell to pay. And i will tell you this, there will be no Junot f*cking Diaz in my regime.

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