Thursday, June 05, 2003

i haven't felt compelled to update in a while, but since watching the news last night I am newly motivated. I know FOX25 sucks, and I should not expect a whole lot from them news-wise, but for christ's sake lately they think they're a web-blog, I think, and not an actual news station in that they feel no compulsion to report on important things but rather things like the fact that some old man's flag in Weston, MA has scorch marks on it, and some little girl got an award for having the forsight to bring her mom the cordless phone while she was trapped under her minivan. Hello? She got an award for simply bringing the phone out to her injured mom, without even dialing 911 or anything? Soon they'll be giving kids awards for not pissing themselves while watching their little brother get attacked by a terrier. In some ways, if this was all that was going on in the world then that would be great, but I have a feeling that there might be something slightly more newsworthy happening somewhere.

Now that I have all this free-time on my hands, what with working only part time and only having 2 hours of class 4 days a week, I am catching up on the reading I should have done this semester but haven't quite gotten around to. Right now I'm in the middle of E.M. Forster's A Passage to India which I am enjoying, and I hope to follow it up with Kipling's Kim. Of course for every book I actually get to there are about 3 or 4 that get added to the list, especially HIllary's book (My Valley of the Dolls of this summer) and of course this gem that I just read about in Newsweek.

Hey Kristen, I hear there are some job openings in New York. Maybe we could take over?

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