Tuesday, May 27, 2003

what can i say about this past weekend? i suppose to avoid re-living complete bullshit I will just say that I find it entirely too irksome when people in positions of authority which legitmize their carrying weapons act like total assholes and use their so called authority and position of power to manipulate and take advantage of other people. Suffice it to say: I find myself listening to alot of Ice-T lately.

Dan made an interesting point on Friday night that has stuck with me through much of the weekend. His remarked, as we all sat in a booth at Porters, that although he knows Jill and Meaghan and I are best friends, it always seems that at any given moment we are seconds away from killing each other. This is true, while they know more about me than anyone should, I have also been in verbal and nearly physical fights with both. I suppose it's true that you're real friends are the one's who call you on your bullshit. Or maybe it's your real friends are the one's who repeatedly call you a whoring slut? One of those anyway. ;-)

Anyway, Today I started my class de francais, got my grades (deans list) and signed up for the GREs. Everything went well although I was convinced for some reason that I was failing one of my classes and nearly gave myself a heart attack/seizure/aneurysm waiting for the grades to appear in my web browser. I knew in my heart of hearts that I wasn't failing, but as it gets down to the line I am imagining and believing in any little scenario in which I might not graduate. The other night I dreamed that I slept through my entire last semester and then was not allowed to graduate, and last night I dreamed I fell off a large building the day before graduation.

Now I have to go to Barnes and Nobles, buy the GRE review CD-ROM and convince myself that I do not utterly suck at all things mathemetically related.

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