Wednesday, May 21, 2003

There is an inherent problem with my mantra “I look Good. I Do What I Want”. I tend to believe in the carpe-diem ness of the saying, in that if I want to do something, I generally do it so as to avoid annoying sensations like regret. However, I have become acquainted with a scenario as of late in which what I want to do is what I know I should not do, not because of rules or laws or those silly things, but simply because I know in my heart no good will come of it. Therein lies the trouble with knowing yourself too well. I’m going to do it anyway though, because I know if I don’t then it will become one of those subjects that I bring up when I’m drunk (or sober, even) and force everyone around me to analyze and give endless opinions about. Oh yeah, it’s (of course!) about a boy.

Ambiguity is so obnoxious, n’est ce pas?

On a more unequivocal tip: I was stuck in traffic on 93 today, on the way home from my second-to-last final next to a Bush fanatic. This vehicle (A Ford f150, of course) was covered in stickers featuring Bush’s name, either paired with Cheney’s or colored like an American Flag. Placed next to the ubiquitous “These colors don’t run”sticker, was one which proclaimed “Bush Knew”. Now, perhaps I am wrong, but isn’t that an anti-Bush statement referring to Bush’s knowledge of 9-11? I think this guy just really likes the word “Bush” regardless of the connotation. I had to laugh as I past him on the right.

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