Monday, May 12, 2003

This weekend I learned, among other things, that the smoking ban in Boston is not completely without it's good points. Of course, I still find the relentless persecution of smokers in cities across the country to be unfair and inconvenient - but aside from that it just may be that the sidewalks of greater Boston will soon become the modern-day version of the salons of yesterday. Think about it for a moment: you take a break from the noisy dimly lit bar-scene and stumble out the door and into the cool night with your cigarette in hand, amongst other like-minded folks waiting with lighters in hand, witty banter ensues, all without the noise and crowd of the bar from whence you came, and you go back in the bar with a new friend/number in your cell phone/free drink hook-up. It is also a convenient way to stalk someone (I have coined a new phrase, cigarette stalking). You see a cute boy, you see him extract a cigarette from his pack and head out the front door. You grab your lighter and follow him out. It works, ask Meaghan. ;-)So you see, those pesky non-smokers may have tried to ruin our fun but in reality it's even better now. Well, maybe not better. While at the bar, I do find it really difficult to maintain a drunken conversation without a lit cigarette in hand to gesture dramatically with.

Sarah Stewart: Serial Cigarette Stalker (say that 5 times fast)

Anyway, these lessons were learned on Saturday night at my friend Victor's show at the AllAsian Cafe in Central Square. Jill, Meaghan and I arrived fashionably early after spending the entire cab ride serenading our driver with a Whitney Houston medley (from I'm Your Baby Tonight to Heartbreak Hotel) because Victor had pleaded with me to please be on time, since I am notorious for my lateness-bordering-on-absence.He said he was going on at 10, but when we got there at 9:45 he informed me that the show wasn't starting until 10:30 and he wasn't going on until after midnight. So of course we proceeded to get very drunk, in order to kill the 2+ hours before Victor's set. So we ordered a scorpian bowl, claimed a table and set down to business. I ran into an ex-B, Warren, who was MCing the show, and it was a suprisingly pleasant experience. Not only does he look great (which of course I find irritating) but we actually got to talk for a while, reminisce about good times, and so on. I think I can bump the number of exes-I-remain-friends with to 2! yay!

The metaphorical moment of the night came when, on one of my numerous outdoor cigarette excursions, two hippies carrying a bucket of chalk approached us and began writing "Peace on Earth" and drawing butterflies and doves on the sidewalk. I immediately borrrowed the hot pink chalk, and wrote in huge letters outside the bar "We look good. We do what we want!".

So to make a long story shorter: I made a slight mistake of the solicitous variety when I got a little carried away with "convincing" Victor to take us to the after party and it was at this point that I realized just how drunk I was, and after extricating an equally as drunk Meaghan from her new B (whom she met while taking a cigarette break) we piled drunkenly into a cab and went back to Jill's where we ordered calzones from Bovas, and Meaghan heckled passersby from the terrace. All this fun and we didn't even see Victor's part of the show!

And today, in lieu of doing much needed schoolwork, I lounged around Jill's apartment all day and then went shopping with my mother during which I bought a stunning City Year reunion dress. Now, at 12:20AM, I will start a paper that is due tomorrow. Adieu.

Top 5 Whitney Houston Songs to Sing In a Cab With Your Best Friends
5)I'm Your Baby Tonight
4)I Have Nothing
3) All at Once
2) Heartbreak Hotel
1)It's Not Right (But It's Ok)

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