Friday, May 09, 2003

So, although it seems in my lifetime I may never get to go to a high school renion, i WILL get to go to a City Year reunion next Wednesday. Kate U. and I are stepping out to the Milky Way for a night of reminscing, spirit circles and power shots.I am really looking forward to seeing these people who saw me in the same outfit every day, pleated khakis and all, for 10 months. I know, inevitably, the conversation will turn to "So what kind of service have you been doing?" because those City Year kids are notorious do-gooders. And sadly enough I have not engaged in community service since completeing my 1700 hours in June of 1999, except for a valiant attempt Andy and I made at Servathon last year, where our biggest accomplishment was making up a song about Wellesley High School's Key Club called "Oops I'm in Key Club Again" and then teaching it to said club, while scraping gum off of a church wall in Orient Heights. So maybe this little reunion will kick me into becoming more service-engaged. Or at least I will get to see David Gabreener again;)

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