Tuesday, May 13, 2003

Half a bee, philisophically,
Must ipso facto half not be.
But half a bee has got to be
Vis a vis it's entity.

God, I love monty python. Today in the car on the way back from Target Jenn got us started singing this greatest hit from middle school. Someone cut her off and she declared "It's people like you what cause unrest!". Go download Eric the Half a Bee, by MP. You will love it carnally...semi-carnally (Cyril Connolly?)

I am a huge nerd, i know.

Last night Meaghan and I drove the longest way possible to get to the Dorchester Author's Series Reading at the Codman Square Library in Dorchester. I first had to drop my brother off in Mission Hill, easy enough. Then, I figured I could hook onto Washingston St by way of my old hood, Egleston Square, and just cruise on down Washington until 690, the address of the library. I should have known that this was wrong, because I have the sense of direction of a rock. I realized my ridiculous mistake about thirty minutes later when 690 Washington St happened to be smack dab in the middle of Downtown Crossing. Who knew that the Washington St in Dorchester and the Washington St in Boston were not just one long road? In any case, after driving all the way through Mission Hill --> Roxbury Crossing---> Dudley Square---> The South End---> Government Center I was un peu late for the reading, but we did manage to catch a pretty spetacular poem about food stamps, and about Pablo Picasso's precense at the Boston Peace March.

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