Monday, April 28, 2003

Tomorrow i have no classes because basically most of my school will be at the Rally at the State House at 11AM to protest Romney's assinine and massive cuts to public higher education. I am really excited for this for a few different reasons. 1) It's nice to have something we can all agree on for a change: everyone is against what he wants to do. 2) I loved anti-Romney sentiment at the Convention last year and I will love it even more tomorrow. I did not vote for this guy, but I think even the people who did can't help but feel that they elected a total douche. It's like he has no idea what the purpose of public education is, and instead of raising taxes he figures he will just raise tuitions at places where people can barely afford it as it is. All this will do is diminish enrollment at these institutions, as well as academically cripple people who would have benefitted from said higher education. It's all so unfair it really makes me want to scream. Or at least throw something. Like an egg. At Romney's head. So if you're around the Common on your lunch break come on over to the State House and join in. Bring an egg.

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