Monday, April 28, 2003

I had my meeting with general manager Melissa on Saturday, to follow up in the Godiva chocolate incident. In a shocking turn of events I was propelled from Step 1 offense (verbal warning) to a Step 4 offense (final written warning). Step 5 is termination of employment so I am one golden-foil covered bar away from unemployment. The whole meeting lasted about five minutes during which time I tried valiently not to laugh out loud, and at the end of negotiations Melissa suggested that next time I feel the need to ring up my own purchase - I talk to a coworker about it as though it is a compulsion that I am unable to curtail. As Mary Louise so succinctly put it "Sometimes I get the idea that this company is bullshit". I also recently learned of L&T's endeavors to make narcs of their empolyees. Every department is no assigned a "safety ambassador", or a regular employee who must keep their eyes peeled for "safety violations" and record said violations in a notebook to be surrendered at the end of the day. Four violations = you're fired! I only know this because of Kalvin's "I ain't no snitch" policy. Every day I am becoming more and more of a retail rebel. When told that the general manager wanted to see me, I, in a fit of anger, told my fake-smiley manager yesterday that "I am so sick of this crap". He looked a little shocked, and then actually nodded and said "Aren't we all?". He might actually be ok.

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