Wednesday, April 30, 2003

i am happy to report that i have my first sunburn of the season!

the theme of yesterday was by far "driving is a bitch". Melissa decided it would be a good idea to drive to the rally and since I was the only one with a car I was elected to drive myself, her and Evan. Once we got there, inevitably, there was absolutely no parking. And for me: not finding parking always affects my outlook on life. If i find a space: life is great and i am the luckiest girl on earth! but if I don't then it is every person in the car's fault but myself and life is the worst. luckily, I found a space, albeit on Boylston St. So we were almost an hour late for the rally and once we were there, when we saw it was mostly made up of people holding signs on the sidewalk, we lost interest. I signed the petitions and got some pins and even held a sign for about 20 minutes but it's amazing how shaky your political convistions become when faced with the decision: stand on a hot sidewalk or go to the beach. And I have the excuse that my parking space only allowed me two hours. So I don't feel too bad about ditching Melissa and Evan to go to the beach for the remainder of the day. In my efforts to branch out from Nantasket Beach, I managed to get lost for almost an hour in Scituate. I usually love driving around aimlessly when it is so lovely out but even in a town as beautifully coastal as Scituate, driving in circles get old kind of quickly. I finally parked at North Scituate beach, which looks like it belongs in Greece, and then wrote an entire paper (handwritten!) while I lay out in the sun.

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