Wednesday, April 23, 2003

ok, now that I have had some pad thai and calmed down I will say this: I hate complaining about work on this blog because i know no one wants to read that. I'm sure many of you hate your jobs as well and I have just joined the masses. As Drew Carey said "You hate your job? Welcome to the club! It's called Everyone, and we meet at the bar". Maybe it is wishful thinking to believe that you can work while in college and enjoy your job. I have always worked somewhere until it bored/irritated me and then left which would explain why since starting college I have worked at Joe's Bar and Grill/Macy's/ Temping/A Nursing Home/A Massage Clinic/The Mortgage Company and now finally Lord and Taylor. I like to think that this is the only time in my life where I have no obligations job-wise and can go wherever I want whenever I want but perhaps I am developing bad habits? But then of course I think it doesn't matter what I do here because once I am done with college I am so out of here: New York or DC won't know what hit it. This is what propels me/saves me.

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