Thursday, April 24, 2003

today was a fabulous day: and completely made up for the misery of last night!

have you ever had a day when you are so intellectually on point you actually impress yourself? Usually the opposite is true for me, and I leave school for the day exclaming "My brain done gone!". And this day looked to be no different: I left my house this morning a pissed-off nervous beast, scowling all the way down 93 on my way to a meeting with Professor Ditmar who scares the sh*t out of me, since she has apparently read every book ever written and can quote from all of them, AND has already had every intelligent thought under the sun. I had to submit my final paper topic for approval and seeing as a) I am a week late getting it approved and b) I am already 1/3 done with it then if she denied me I would be screwed on a few different levels. To make matters worse, one of the books I needed to bring in for my proposal has gone missing at the hands of my demon-brother and thus by 11AM this morning I had already made a harried and completely unfruitful trip to Border's and Barnes And Nobles only to leave both establishments with an even deeper conviction that you should not work in a book store if you know NOTHING about books. Anyway, I arrive at the Professor's Office, take a deep breath and for some reason made an articulate and mindblowingly insightful presentation about "the use of fantasy/ the hidden voice in the texts of opressed people"! I swear, I had about five epiphanies right in the middle of my presentation and just added them in. Not only did she approve of it, but she said she was "really excited to hear about my progress" and we spent the next hour talking about everthing from Tim O'Brien to my tattoo. It was like I had tamed a wild beast and it was now my pet!

And then, in my Fiction Workshop where pretention and name-dropping is the name of the game, I quoted Nietzsche and silenced the room! (but of course as Matt says this is due mostly to my rather sudden case of "intellectual teretz syndrome" than anything else.)

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