Monday, March 03, 2003

my hairstyle when i left the house this morning: deep sidepart/ low messy bun
my hairstyle when i arrived at class, after trekking across the arctic tundra known as umass: bedhead meets don king

apparently Thermasilk hairspray is not all that it claims to be

also, while trying to get the top off of my bottle of Dior's "J'adore" ( i love saying that: dior's j'adore, dior's j'adore), anyway, of course it flew out of my hands and i spilled a good portion of the perfume all over my neck and shoulders area. Couple this with wearing a wool scarf for my morning commute and you have a veritable cloud of scent when i remove the scarf. i am this close to giving myself a headache.

the theme of the weekend: an oldie but goodie

Same song, I'm back, been around the world
Ro-mancing girls that dance with girls
From, Club Cheetah, to Club Amnesia
The Venus in L.A., Bubblin' in Dublin
Can't deny me, why would you want to
You need me, why don't you try me
Baby you want to, believe me

a little jay-z neevr hurt anyone. this weekend reaffirmed my thought that when the Triumverate Plus One convenes, we are possibly the funnest people on earth. i don't want to sound conceited, or make any of you with less fun friends than i have feel bad, but it's true. we walk into a club/bar/party and people are drawn to us like moths to a flame. is it our ascerbic wits? our glowing, crest white-stripped smiles? andy's penchant for buying rounds on him? possibly, although i think it's something else. as andy drunkenly said to bill at our table at Gargoyle's late saturday night. "It's the self-confidence thing! it SO turns you on, doesn't it!". Succinctly: when we walk into a club/bar/party: we own it. it doesn't matter if the crowd is dull, the music is bad, the girls look slutty: we turn it all into our good time: whether that means sitting in a booth in Porter's, drunkenly screaming our re-written Destiny's Child lyrics ("the shoes on my feet/ your ass bought it/ the clothes i'm wearing/your ass bought it!"), or arm wrestling strange men (andy :-) , or smuggling martinis out of bars. i love you guys (as my good friend emily saliers put it) like i love the stars above.

alright, aside from drunken revelry on friday/saurday night not much went on seeing as i worked all day saturday and sunday. blah. we just got in the new etienne aigner sandals for spring and i am in love, i must say.

so now i sit in anticipation of a crazy monday night out with the fabulous miss jill. did i mention we're going to hall and oates tonight? i cannot wait to hear our theme song ("Rich Girl") straight from the actual source. Extreme Pre-gaming + being the youngest people at the show + apres party at Porters can only lead to absolute mayhem. details tomorrow.......

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