Wednesday, March 05, 2003

lack of motivation is a bitch, n'est ce pas?

the past two days have been very weekend-like in structure and nature, and so i awoke this morning convinced that it was monday. thank god it is not, although i would be even happier if it was friday.

monday night was the hall and oates concert that jill and i have been looking forward to ever since that day on the train, years ago, when after a hellish day we both broke out into "Rich Girl". we arrived at the orpheum fashionably late and were met with a perplexing problem: how to sneak in the flask past the security checkpoint? the matter was resolved by me placing the flask inconspicuously in the waistband of my pants.

this is not a good idea, as it turns out

as soon as the security guard went to look in my purse, the flask slipped into my pant leg. it would have been so quaint, i'm sure, if it had fallen out of my pant leg and onto the guard's foot. however, i managed somehow to shuffle to the ladies room before i incriminated myself. then, after appropriating H&O memorabilia, and making a B wearing a chicken hat who sang "Maneater" for us, we headed to our seats in the balcony and settled in for the melodious vocal stylings of Daryl Hall and John Oates . what can i say about the show? it was fabulous: we danced in the aisles, we screamed and hooted, we sang along, we passed the flask around, we screamed some more. we decided that our tribute band will be called "Oates in the Hall" rather than simply "Wild Oates", since it is unfair to leave Daryl out of the title, and once we are world famous, he might hold a grudge about it, you know. after the concert we headed to beerworks where, as we all know, free beer is the game. after chatting with the lovely miss collins, we adjourned to Porters to get very drunk, and continuted the party back at Jill's until 4AM, with Baccardi Limon shots and a viewing of Ghostbusters.

It's no surprise that Tuesday brought no school for to very hungover young ladies. but, since it was mardi gras after all, we ralllied our troops (i.e. Meaghan) for a night out at the Bourbon St Blowout at The Big Easy. of course, when push comes to shove (i.e. when we saw how much the cover was) we opted to settle for a more low key night drinking whiskey at Remington's and reading questions off of the Trivial Pursuit cards.

unfortunately, i will not be going out again until Saturday because i have no stamina, and more imortantly, no money. saturday night begins mine and meaghan's new project: Operation Networking. The venue this time? Wonderbar and then a party at Friend-Of-Jim's. I know that when you add the word "Drinking" with "Networking" it can have a tawdry conotation but this is not the case. It's all about branching out, let's face it :-)

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