Wednesday, March 05, 2003

Things I do not like about a rainy day:

1) camoflauged, 3-inch deep puddles that sneak attack and seep nasty cement-water into non-rubber clad shoes.
2) the way my hair will not lie flat but instead rallies up and all about.
3) the smell of wet wool emanating from large hippies on the train
4) the polka-dot illusion rain creates on freshly ironed khakis
5) going to class!

Things I do like about a rainy day:

1) watching lifetime movies involving angry women and insipid husbands
2) sipping hot cocoa from a bright colored christmas mug
3) ordering hidous amounts of thai food and eating it sitting on my living room floor
2) the way my dog shakes himself silly when he comes inside from a walk
1) skipping class

(I just finished reading Sei Shonagon's The Pillow Book (read excerpt here) and have discovered the joy of making meaningless lists and categorizing everything i see.)

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