Friday, February 28, 2003

a speeding schoolbus teeming with unruly children just forced me into a pothole the size of Guam. my poor car's response to this was to sputter, creek, and then continue on in a crooked fashion, thanks to my newly acquired bent axle. thanks braintree public schools! i will be sending you a bill toute de suite >;o

also: i think the computer lab situation at school is getting tres out of hand. never mind the debacle last week invovling some ass printing an entire e-text book (250 pages no less) and thus inciting a small riot. today, a girl with mop-like hair wearing an oh-so-chic ankle length sweatshirt dress was rifling through every paper that printed out of the only two printers in the lab,making a mess of things, and then ran away from the printer with the final four pages of my paper. when i followed her back to her seat and told her nicely of her mistake, she ignored me, folded the papers in half and stuffed them in her circa 1991 messenger bag. I repeated my request, adding that I saw her take them, and I am familiar with making that mistake since I have done it before, so it's not a big deal. she replied with "this is my paper".

i know what you are thinking: "what a slut!".

i was thinking the same thing, and then when I went to reprint my story, i relaized that after having printed it, i had erased it since it is not a good idea to leave perfectly good papers saved on a public computer's desktop. When I went back to find miss sweatshirt dress again and entreat her to PLEASE for the love of god look in her bag. She was gone. So I missed class, having to retype mostly from memory what I had typed in the lab this morning.

so here i sit, back at home, listening to Ella sing Jobim, and wondering if i should spike my diet pepsi with goldschlager ;-)

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