Thursday, March 20, 2003

i woke up this morning and was strangely motivated: i tore out of bed, threw on natty old sweatpants and immediately set about rearranging my entire room. (i think it had something to do with getting new 400-thread count sateen sheets i bought at the Macy's Home Sale yesterday. i am a woman obsessed with thread counts!) anyway after 2 and a half hours I had a brand spankin' new set up, complete with new bed set and dust ruffle (ideal for those who would rather not clean under the bed). i even accomplished the very difficult task of throwing away five pairs of shoes, that i love but never wear. i now just need a new piece d'art for the space above my shoe rack. i am thinking a Mucha print, or perhaps Maxfield Parrish?

So after i had my little spring cleaning frenzy, my hangover hit with a vengeance. perhaps drinks/lamentations with jack was not such a great idea? we both had had such a bastard of a night that we left work about twenty minutes early and practically ran to Joe's Bar and Grill where we sat in our tailored suits and sensible shoes and toasted with scotches-on-the-rocks to becoming shoe department "sharks". i am well on my way: just yesterday I convinced an elderly woman that fuschia strappy stilettos were, in fact, ideal cruise shoes.

(In the new totalitarian system, people can say whatever they like, and it makes absolutely no difference)

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